In celebration of our Rhino Collection, we thought it would be great to explore some of the amazing things that make this animal truly unique in nature. 

There are 5 Rhino species left including white and black (found in Africa), Indian, Javan, and Sumatran (found in southern Asia). Each are distinctive in some way; for example; the Javan Rhino whilst being the smallest rhino has one horn, and the Black Rhino has developed a pointed lip to eat in comparison to its White Rhino counterpart, who have a flat and wide lip. 


Rhino horns are worth more than gold by weight on the black market. Why I hear you asking? Rhino horns are made out of keratin, the same substance that makes up our hair and nails. Rhinos are poached daily because people falsely believe that their horns can provide healing for headaches, hangovers and even cancer (often used in Traditional Asian Medicine). Science has proved that none of these are true however, demand for Rhino horns have increased year on year, especially within Asian markets, specifically Vietnam. Another reason Rhino Horns are in such demand is that they are sometimes used as status and wealth symbols.


Rhinos and Oxpeckers (tick birds) have a unique relationship. Rhinos host Oxpeckers on their backs as they eat ectoparasites whilst also raising the alarm for danger toward the Rhino. 

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