Introducing Gorilla.co (Gorilla Collection). In our exploration of powers in nature, our next dedication is to the great Gorilla. Along with sharing 98% DNA with humans, these intelligent primates are the most powerful of all living primates, live in families and are even able to use simple tools.
Everything about this incredible animal screams power, especially when we consider its pure strength (20x stronger than humans). However, these animals are surprisingly very calm and herbivores (meaning they eat plants), so they are no threat to humans, unless they feel under threat. They are currently endangered mainly due to loss of habitat and are very susceptible to respiratory diseases, so contact with humans can be dangerous to them as variants of Covid-19 continues to spread around the world.

Gorialla.co Tee

Our introductory piece encapsulates the great gorillas powers through a striking graphic, mixture of deep blues and teals, and pure emotion. We aim to donate 5% to charity working in Gorilla conservation and are in conversations with a transperent charity partner which, will give us surety that our donations are going towards the worthy cause.  We will keep you up to date with updates on this.


Only 50 of this piece will be made. No restock


Everyone has different interpretations of the great Gorilla, but some powers we have explored in this collection and want you to feel when you wear a piece is to be filled with pure strength, try live harmoniously amongst loved ones and cultivate the intelligence within you. 

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