Vitality Project

Our Vitality Project was established to bring more value to our community and the world at large. It is important that we find innovative ways to improve the lifetime value of a garment. Through our Vitality Project, we have been able to bring extended value to pieces that would otherwise have ended up gathering dust at the back of a wardrobe or even worst in landfills.


What is Vitality?

  • Customers may trade in any purchased pieces from collections in exchange for Honour Points (HP).
  • HP can be accumulated rewards on current or future collections.
  • Customers may exchange HP into cash upon request.



How are HP valued:


The time in which the piece is held for is of importance to us. The longer the piece has been held for, the more value in terms of HP it will gain. We value the quality in our pieces and believe they should last long, so why not be rewarded for keeping them longer?


Of course the condition of the piece matters. This enables us to convert the piece into other products more effectively, reuse parts or resell on to secondary marketplace. The better the condition, the more HP awarded.


The price originally paid for a piece will effect the amount of HP. Higher priced pieces will hold more HP over a long time, as they cost more initially.


Whilst all of our pieces are valuable to us, inevitably, some pieces in collections and some collections in general, will be of more value to us. We will therefore have to take this into consideration when awarding HP. 


How to claim HP

We will send you a request form for more information about your product and ask for some imagery for us to best be able to value the piece. Once valued, you will be able claim your HP and use it for more products or cash.
For more information please contact us by email on: