3 rhinos are killed every single day for their horns, which are sold on the black market. Rhino horns are used for traditional Chinese medicine, falsely believed to contain medicinal qualities to cure fever, gout, rheumatism and many other diseases. Whilst a lot has been done to combat this belief and stop poaching, a lot more needsto be done to protect the sacred rhino through policy, education and funding.   For our rhino collection we knew it was paramount that we partnered with an organisation who we could trust to help us do our part in combatting this injustice.                For us A2A3, we believe in partnering up with organisations that meet a few of our fundamental requirements:   1. Donating as much possible from proceeds of contributions to the cause in which they are fighting for. 2. Integrity and honesty in all dealings. 3. Actively working towards a large vision of a better world in which, we want to live in and be a part in creating. 4. We can establish a long-term relationship with this partner.    

  Council of Contributors         The Council of Contributors (CoC) meet all of these requirements. Established by Kenneddy  Zakeer, who we have direct communication with, the team work tireless, 24 hours a day supporting rhino initiatives in South Africa and Kenya. Unlike other organisations, where proceeds are consumed by large salaries and expenses, leading to widespread mistrust with charitiesWhat we love about CoC the most is, 95% of proceeds goes towards 12 key projects a year to provide rhino orphanages, anti-poaching units, and adult response & rapid response.  For us it is crucial that our brand aligns with an organisation that is working to stopping rhino poaching as efficiently and effectively as they can.   For more information on CoC and their projects please see https://www.councilofcontributors.com/projects