How long will my delivery take to come?

Our delivery time is 14 days from order. If there are ever any delays to this we will notify you immediately and keep you posted on updates.


How long do I have to exchange or refund my item?

Upon delivery you have 14 days to exchange or refund any piece bought.


Refund or exchange my item?



If you wish to exchange your piece, simply email us 'hero@a2a3.co' and we will organise with you an alternative piece to be sent to you.



It's sad to hear you would like to refund your piece however, we do understand these things happen sometimes. If there is anything we can do to rectify the issue with the item, please do not hesisate to contact hero@a2a3.co and we will prioritise your case. If you still wish to refund your item you can contact us on hero@a2a3.co with the reference of your order and state you wish for a refund. 



I’ve order something and the wrong item has come to me

In the unlikelihood of this happening, please get in contact with our team by emailing us on 'hero@a2a3.co' explaining the error. We will require you to return the item in its condition by post, which you will be reimbursed for and we will organise for the correct item to be delivered to you promptly. 


How do I know my size in A2A3 pieces

Please see our size guide for further information on fits.