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MX Tee 2.0

Inspired by the Legend Malcolm X.

Malcolm was a human rights activist who's message was often misunderstood. 

Image of Malcolm X holding up newspaper

Contrary to popular belief, he never advocated for violence, but only for black Americans to be able to protect themselves against any aggression or other forms of oppression.

Image of Malcolm X arrested and imprisoned

Before Malcolm changed his life around, he was a local street hustler and leader of a gang of thieves, which subsequently land him in jail for 6 years. Whilst in jail he discovered the Nation of Islam and was strongly influenced by the nation's brotherhood.

Image of Malcolm x giving speech

Whilst in jail Malcolm educated himself, reading books in History, Law and Philosophy. After jail, he helped the organisation grow to an estimated 500,000 people and rapidly rose to second in rank to Elijah Muhammad.

Image of Malcolm X teaching

Malcolm's success however, would not come without enemies. For years, he was spied on by the FBI and members of the Nation of Islam would eventually turn on him, conspiring to have him assassinated. 

Malcolm X with a gun at window

Malcolm was ultimately assassinated whilst giving a speech in 1965. His last words were:
"Peace be unto you".
His legacy lives on.
Malcolm X photo 
When you wear this piece, we want you to be inspired, be confident and stand strong. Through times of difficulty or misunderstanding. Stick to your values in a world that doesn't always play fair. Become a better version of yourself.



Pieces made in limited amount & not restocked.